Monday, 27 October 2014

Back In Business

Hopefully, for good. 

Theres been some nice releases since i went dark. Luckily  im not the only one posing rap music made in the north east. "HASH ROTTEN-HIPPO" for instance. However i am wanting to do it a little different. This time round.

• Promo packages to promote your release.

● Random interviews...with questions u want to ask.

● A podcast

● After Show Cyphers

● Emcee introductions.

And a whole host more.

All posted in here and since this is a free organisation mainly used to show what we have up here and promo emcees projects. It will remain free.

So keep u eyes peels

Contact me on ● with the title NEHH


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Novembers Top Ten (all areas)

(All Link Lead To BandCamp)

10. Seek The Northener flow merchant

09. RazorKingz - The Reaper

08. UMSE - wachstum

07 - Stik Figa - Smoke Rings

06 - Split Prophets - Hairy Days

05 - Ugly Heros - Heros Theme

04 - The Cancel - Kyne Ft Zombo

03 - Homebrewers - Everybody

02 - The Mouse Outfit - Stay With Me Ft Dr.Syntax

01. Guilty Simpson & Rasco - Keep Getting It

Monday, 11 November 2013


latest Crates show
More bangers than Guy Fawkes tonight with tracks from Baileys Brown, Image, Walt Dismal, Diversion Tactics, Luca Brazi, Aspects and loads more, Slick Rick features in this weeks Flashback, we look ahead to tomorrows Mouse Outfit gig in Newcastle as we chat live to Dr Syntax and play some highlights from their Boom Bap set and we also chat to Shay D about Lyrically Challenged's entry in MTV Unsigned! Up the Revolution!

a little later than i said been busy like so lets get cracking with my man vinoslastest youtube track from his new material..

jezzas been a bizzy boy

nato dropped this

smith da mista


just b

ABSORB now featuring No Lay and Sarah T - Take Me Or Leave Me FREE DOWNLOAD available now

Official Video

A behind-the-scenes video will be uploaded on Sunday 24th November or when the official video reaches 2,000 views.
Official website -

more coming soon next post will be the 24th of november..